April 20, 2009

old habits die hard

Every now and then, Bean will get the urge to pay me after we have driven somewhere. Of course, this is money he has removed from my wallet so I smile and take it, hand him a tiny piece of paper I call his "receipt" and put the money back in my wallet.
I think I'll let this go on for a while.

Many people have asked me how I come up with my ideas for Bean. In general, I take circumstances from my own life and then add Bean into them. And even though I may come up with ideas ahead of time, I always draw him in the morning right before I post him. From now on, I will try to add the story behind every Bean at the bottom of the post for your added enjoyment!...

*One of my friends from NYC called me this morning on her way to work. I thought she was walking to work but after overhearing her conversation with her cab driver about the credit card machine not working, I realized she was in a cab. And then I fondly looked back on the time I paid people in yellow cars to drive me places while I occasionally endured awkward conversations and bluetooth phone calls in other languages.

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bethany said...

haha, thats exactly how the cab ride goes! :) i miss you little cowgirl!