March 23, 2008


Finally leaving the upper room
Cautious, nervous, and scared
Running with hesitation
Don't want to be the first one there.
Peering into the darkness
Letting eyes adjust
Worried about what could be
starting to turn to dust
But there are only folded cloths and linens on the floor
And I've never been so happy to not find what I came looking for!

Happy Easter, He is Risen!


ash said...

He's alive - praise and glory to the Lamb. Happy Easter Nora! This is the most precious bean has ever looked.

Lauren said...

bean, i love you.
so happy you didn't find anything...He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!

nat said...

Happy Easter Bean and Nora!

Jonah said...

Did Bean pray for boobies? Cause he got 'em.

Nora Courtney Ashkar said...

yes, and he specifically prayed for pepperoni nipples like jonah's