May 4, 2009

funny salutations

You know what other flowers are blooming in our garden?
The Hibiscus!
Bean laughs every time I say "hibiscus" because for the longest time, he thought that word was, first and foremost, a great way of saying hello to your rear end.

*Correction/Explanation: Growing up, I was taught to refer to butt buns as "biscuits". Hence the "hi, biscus," with "biscus" being a funny way to say "biscuits". However, my mother told me this evening that calling buns "biscuits" is strictly a Harmon family thing and therefore a lot of people probably did not get the joke. Was that a good enough explanation and do you get it now?

1 comment:

amy cousin said...

yeah. people never understand what i mean when I say biscuits either.