May 6, 2009


No, Bean has not taken up the quest of becoming a magician...he has just decided to bring a washcloth with him in the car to absorb his back sweat. The AC in the car is not quite cutting it considering that it has to fight against the hot air coming in from one of the back seat windows that keeps magically sliding down on it's own.

Bean, just wait till it gets really hot! We'll have to sit on beach towels and we might as well wear our bathing suits, too!

*this is all true but before I really worked myself up thinking about how I'd like to be back in NYC I realized that New Yorkers aren't exempt from this kind of anguish either. I remember waiting on subway platforms trying to make the most of the wind from the passing trains. and those empty cars that pull up and make you think it's your lucky day because you get a seat? those cars are empty because the AC is broken! so before I get too upset at my predicament, I remind myself that at least I can control the speed at which I am traveling.

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