May 19, 2009

the ultimate

Bean and I threw some frisbees around over the weekend. Well, actually, I threw the frisbee around while Bean sat in one. He said the grass was too spikey.

Sitting there, Bean realized that the frisbee was the perfect sized saucer sled for him and then he told me that he couldn't wait to see what Houston snow is like. "It's like nothing... you've ever seen," was all I had the heart to tell him.

*I played ultimate frisbee with some new friends this weekend. One of them, the athletically talented Mr. Ripple, asked if he would be seeing Bean playing frisbee anytime soon. I told him that Bean, being in a frisbee situation, would not actually play frisbee but sit and soak up all the enjoyable things attached to a game of ultimate- like the outdoors, friends, and fun- and thus he is illustrated so.

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