January 22, 2008


Bean is ready for a break to pull him out of the winter blues. He'll go anywhere as long as he can practice his swan dive and cannonball, even if it's the Drury Inn's indoor pool. Bean loves that he can smell the chlorine from the lobby. Ain't it the life!


Lauren said...

oh Bean! you're so silly! you should invite friends and play categories in the deep end. I used to love that game. remember not to run around the pool or you'll get in trouble with the lifeguards. wait, you know what? i bet the Drury Inn has one of those signs "Swim at Your Own Risk"...so run all you want!! (i just don't want you to break a leg.)

kathrine said...

Can we get a picture of that swan dive?

amyyyy said...

the drury inn. bahaha. nora's mom loves that place :]