January 27, 2008


More than one kitty makes Bean apprehensive and gives him the heebie-jeebies. One wrong move can prove disastrous. You think they like you, but then you wake up with one throwing up on your pillow, 2 inches from your face.

And that's why this is the last of the cat posts.
Well, that and the fact this really is the last one. Unless I have some saved as "kitten" and not "cat"...


toot said...

when you play with white cats and pet them, beans make you poop out black cats...playfully

Anonymous said...

This actually happened to me last night, but I was able to push my cat off the bed before anything serious happened. Phew!


Jen said...

I like how bean does vertical leg squats when petting kittens. He kills two birds with one stone getting exercise and giving kitty-love!

I love you, Bean!