January 5, 2008


Sometimes Bean just gets so angry he shakes his fist in the air. Here are some things that might put Bean over the edge: when he cooks his chicken too long, when the nursing home he visits that has free ice cream is out of every flavor except neon pink and blue "Cotton Candy", when he forgets to put on deodorant in the morning, heavy doors, people who don't recycle, making tea and then forgetting about it but remembering it again after it's been sitting out and is now cold, and when people address him as or make a reference to Mr. Bean (he is like no such thing!)


Tina said...

If he leaves his tea out again tell him to "nuke" it in the microwave for a few seconds. One less thing to get upset.

amy said...

i loved the nursing home comment.
sounds a bit like you, bean, and i have something in common.