February 27, 2009

to do

Bean is busy making his New York City Bucket List. If you have any suggestions, please throw some our way. Because most the time you don't realize what you take for granted until you're gone, so help a brother out!


amy said...

magnolia bakery. obviously.

amy said...

also, dress up in your finest black dress with jewelry and all. get a danish and a cup of coffee and have breakfast at tiffany's.

Annie Gill said...

Make a list of the top restaurants you need to go to one last time. Some on my list would include:

Joe's Shanghai
Paul's Palace (for burgers)

Kathrine Zeren said...

Alice's tea cup.
Go sit with Sargent at the Met for a while.
Dim sum
Vodka pizza
Egg sandwich at graceland
Cafe Lalo

Eat eat eat anything BUT Mexican or BBQ

I can't believe you're leaving!