March 2, 2009

until we meet again...tribeca

goodbye sophomore year dorm, goodbye tribeca film festival street parties with hula hoops,

goodbye crazy and crowded canal street, goodbye delicious Bubby's brunches,

goodbye least crowded and most spacious whole foods in manhattan, goodbye freaky pearl paint elevator,
and goodbye iconic ghostbusters firehouse.
Bean, when you are done being slimer, don't forget to give Christine her scarf back. You know how good she looks in it.


Kelsey said...

Love that I found your blog and I adore Mr. Bean! Sad to hear that you are leaving New York though :( Safe travels back to Texas! (Have some good ol' queso for me!) -Kelsey O.

Kelsey said...
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ash said...

Bean - you are making me want to cry. Enjoy your last week little Bean!