March 5, 2009

until we meet again...midtown

goodbye rockefeller center with a giant tree, hilton hotel where we stayed when we first visited the city, shopping on 5th ave and christmas windows at bergdorf's,bryant park during fashion week, bryant park free ice skating pond in the winter,

and bryant park movies in the summer,
always romantic grand central station, always sketchy port authority, the old film office way over on 10th ave, broadway shows,
part of the street that acted as a walkway for real new yorkers because the tourists take up the whole sidewalk, and the giddiness that always came from times square's madness reminding me that this is new york city and this is where i live.
hand sanitizer, anyone? or maybe some of you softies need a tissue?

1 comment:

ash said...

Is the word "softies" referring to anyone in particular?