August 25, 2008

puppies vs. kitties

I agree, Bean. I'd go with the puppy trapper keeper vs. the kitties one.

I'm taking Bean back to school shopping all this week (even though he's home schooled). Bean might need your help picking things out, so feel free to leave your opinion in the comments section of the blog!


ash said...

Bean, I'm so glad you are continuing your education!
Stick with the puppies. Maybe some of those pens that have erasers (unless you are left handed, then they smudge). And the butterfly shaped post-it notes. And the Backyardigans lunch pail with the match thermos. And the college rule paper because you can fit more per sheet.

Lauren said...

bean, you should see if they have calendars with puppies and kitties...i remember taking one apart and posting all the pictures to my closet door...that way i could look at them all the time. let me know if you find one!