February 15, 2008

disco friday

Every Friday around 3:45pm, Bean likes to turn on the disco tunes to get him ready for the weekend. It's a time between work and play that gets him pepped for fun. However, this ritual has caused him to become similar to one of Pavlov's dogs: if you turn on the disco tunes, even if it's not 3:45pm and not Friday, Bean gets excited and groovy and ready to get down only to be let down by your ignorance and blatant disrespect for such a high holiday in Bean's book as Disco Fridays. Do this, and as Bean slowly comes out of his fever, you'll be getting a beat down that will make you never want to mess with the magic hour of Bean's get down again.


Lauren said...

bean, i had no idea you have disco fridays. guess what i'm doing tonight for a friend's b-day? going disco rollerskating!!!

ash said...

bean, i know this is a very long web address but I thought it might enhance the disco mood. do you think it is your size?