February 4, 2008


Nothing goes with football like wings. Here is a picture from last night of Bean whilst eating them. He is usually a little neater but if you were trying to eat wings while watching the 4th quarter with 2.8 minutes left in the game, you'd have some mess on your face, too. Heck, I'm surprised some even got into his mouth.

And hooray NY Giants! Bean would also like to congratulate Eli on his becoming a man. Welcome to the club.


lauren said...

Good Morning Bean!
I'm so glad you watched the Super Bowl last night. Wasn't it incredible? Did you see the Giant's player nearly do a back bend to catch the ball? Amazing huh? Way to go Giants! Have a great day Bean.

Jen said...

Bean, I'm with you in congratulating Eli on becoming a man. Now he just needs to learn to close his mouth a little more when he plays football. Maybe you could teach him a thing or two?

Hooray Manning brothers!

Anonymous said...

Are we sure Bean is actually in the man club? I mean, come on, he/she likes cupcakes, baking, luncheons, and skipping. At least maybe he plays baseball?