May 17, 2008


A bill called the Orphan Works bill is before Congress and on the fast track to getting approved. If it is, it will forever change the copyright law and make it easier for people to steal other people's work with little or no consequences! Please go to this link and tell your representative to oppose the bill. It only takes a second and we're running out of time!
Also, I made a little illustrated story to help show what this bill could do. Check it out on Bean's website (click the "dot com!" link on the right).
Thank you Oh So much!
Nora and Bean


Diana said...

Hey Nora, it has been quite a while since we've chatted but I wanted to say hello. I just sent in my email thing and added a few personal comments. Hope everything is going well for you. Thanks for sharing Bean with us and have a great day! Love, Diana.

Anonymous said...

It says that Bean's website blog is 'not found'! Sorry I can't see it! :(

Nora Courtney Ashkar said...

Hey Anonymous,
I see how it's not working... Just click on the link on the right for the website "" or type "" your browser. Hope that works for you!

Amaranth said...

Well written article.