May 23, 2008

You made it!

Bean, get that out of there, how are you supposed to tell all the 2008 graduates congratulations with a mouth full of tassel!?


Especially all the kiddos of Mrs. Ashkar's 1st grade class!
Way to Go!


TwinkleBee said...

Your Bean website is AWESOME!! I have a suggestion of items to sell with bean on it. You know those paper cubes that people put on their desks? You just rip off a paper to scribble notes on? When all the paper is together there is a design and picture on the sides of the cube of bean, and on each paper, small in the corner could be a bean illustration, even if it is all the same bean picture repeated. I would totally love one on my desk at work! each time i write someone a note on one they'd get a cute picture of bean!

Ashley said...

In honor of you, Bean!

ash said...

click on my name bean! in honor of you!